The Heart Centered Abundance Business Booster (ABB) program is a 3-month program created for individuals who are new to entrepreneurship as well as individuals who are already flowing in their business and are ready to create more abundance and clarity for their business entity. This program is unique in that it offers six pillars that specifically target both the empowerment of you an individual and leader, along with the empowering your business for best practices. This is an amazing program in that each pillar works seamlessly with you and your business. In this program we empower business owners by setting up their business foundation with best accounting practices and procedures and an awareness of seeing where any energetic money or abundance blocks are or could block the receiving of abundance. We create a solid structure that allows for the ease of flow of abundance and prosperity. We create values, visions, and mission statements for you and your business. We can also work directly with your team to empower them around the why of your business and their value in supporting the expansion of growth of your vision. When you and your business are created from a solid foundation this allows the opportunity to trust the power of your skillset and passions and receive massive abundance for yourself, your business, and in life.

The Heart Centered Abundance Business Booster is a requirement for all new clients wishing to work with Misty and the Hybrid Impact team in their Prosperity Accounting aspect. We have found that this program significantly enhances your understanding of not only your business and finances, but of yourself and your beliefs about money, scarcity, flow, and abundance. As such, this leads to a much more expansive return for you and your business. If you have any questions, just let us know.

Your Work Is Your Divine Offering and Abundance is the Spiritual Reward.

the program

what's included

This is a 3 month program working directly with Misty, which also coincides with the start of working with the Hybrid Impact team on your business financials. This program includes the following:

One-on-One Weekly Individual Calls

Weekly group calls for those who are in the Heart Centered Abundance Group Program

Transformation Energy Coaching

Review of current process and procedures within your business

Understanding of a financial business statement

Formation of business entity (for new business owners)

And most importantly….
Direct Access to the 6 Pillars (unique to this program alone)

Also included is a paddleboarding adventure – This is a fundamental piece at the heart of all the Misty creates. We allow fun and adventure to remind us that we are creative being who love connection and freedom. It is behind almost every why of what we do!!!  

There is no other accounting / bookkeeping program like this! It was created from the heart and will live in the heart for all of those who come in. 

This journey is for you if you feel called to any of the things listed below:

You are willing to show up and do the work

You are willing to look at the pain points, the contrast, the difficult places, and the shadows. It’s from there that we truly transform

You are ready to see yourself with curiosity rather than judgement

You are ready to recognize what has been happening is no longer working and are willing to shift, take on new things, strike out in the unknown to create what will work

You are on your spiritual journey, but feel like you have gone as far as you can on your own – and need support to rocket to the next level, whether that’s 10 days or 10 years into your journey

Who is a good fit?

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