Anyone who knows me knows I am and has always been in love with the wild, Otherwise known as nature. To embody the awareness that we aren’t meant to do this alone means that we call on Mother Earth, Gaia, and all of the wild to hold us and teach us. The wildness of the water offers magical teachings each time we surrender to her. Magical because we don’t realize we are transforming until we step foot back on solid land. We become wilder and more expanded with each river ride. 

I started paddle-boarding over 7 years ago when my yoga journey expanded from yoga on the mat to yoga on the paddle-board. It was actually the water calling me to bring her magic to the waves. Each experience on the water is held in sacred reverence for the transformation that will unfold and does unfold effortlessly. Just as the caterpillar enters the chrysalis to reveal itself eventually as the butterfly, so it is the same with every time we step into the wild river. There have been hundreds of butterflies revealed while on the water.

I continues to offer yoga paddle-boarding classes and have now expanded into offering paddle-board lessons, both private and group settings. Sessions can also include 1:1 Energy Coaching and / or guided meditations while on the water. 

The magic is in the Waves. 

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it all started with my camera.

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“Each time we stick our foot in the water it is a new river or a new ocean. In this is a sacred teaching of how we are ever evolving as spiritual beings in a human body. We are evolving energetic beings who are meant to be freely flowing with the tides. The real journey is remembering our wildness where flow and play is our access to wholeness.”

- Misty Cosper

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